Otherhand bases our whole philosophy and approach on trust and experience. The opinions of those we have worked with over the years are therefore all the more important to us. Some of their comments are reproduced below:

Ian McKay is an outstanding business leader who always has his finger on the pulse of business – particularly in Scotland. He has been an invaluable source of advice to me and other IoD members for many years and we would unreservedly commend him to anyone seeking to understand the way the business community works.

Simon Walker - Director General IoD


Ian has been a non executive director on my board for the last three years. As a chairman, you are looking for a range of skills to improve the workings of the board and to help to build a team that can take the business forward.
Whilst it is relatively easy to find professional skills i.e. Finance Director, IT Director etc. or even non execs with a sector knowledge, it is very difficult to find senior directors with high levels of Emotional Intelligence. The ability to spot friction within a board and to suggest and be part of the solution, is in my view, highly prized and the most difficult skill to acquire.
Ian has these EI skills in abundance and actively brings them into play at our board meetings. This is especially helpful in stressful situations when clear thinking is required. “When all else are losing their heads”, its hugely beneficial to have someone who is deeply grounded.
John McCoach, Chairman, Document Outsourcing Group
Ian has been known to me over many years as a dedicated, thorough and thoughtful friend and colleague. Experienced in research and analysis, in cooperative working and in looking at issues and problems from both sides of the table. He has experience of working with both big and small organisations, public and private, and with employers and managers and employees.
Baroness Margaret Prosser

Ian McKay has a unique set of skills derived from extensive board room experience and from a strong background of negotiation and mediation.   I have witnessed his ability to bring conflicted parties closer together and to find pragmatic solutions in difficult circumstances.  He targets realistic outcomes and is sensitive to both context and due process.    Ian is a valuable asset in situations of change or conflict.  As a consequence, he has my strong recommendation.  

Chris Walton, Chairman Lothian Buses 2011-2014