Our Services

These are the common areas where we help organisations but most issues don't categorise easily. Get in touch to discuss where you need a helping hand.

Capacity Building

Everyone wants to grow their business and influence, whatever your sector, whatever your product and whatever your motivation. If you are doing a good thing, providing a good service or just good at your job, you want to do more of it. But growing beyond the first stage of operation, or moving between critical stages, will always be an anxious time. You can't do it all yourself, you need help across a range of areas and you have to marshall scarce resources. That's when you need good advice most. We will help you analyse what you need to do next, help you identify where the current gaps are in your set up, help you optimise what you already have. Or maybe just help you see that you are doing fine actually and just need to get through this hard part.

We offer people based, on site, board room level analysis of your leadership structures and capabilities to move to the next stage.


Every organisation relies on its people. Whenever people are involved there are different views and approaches. The vast majority of board room level and leadership problems are people problems. With people problems you need a hand from a trusted friend.

Mediation can be a formal process with legal and financial consequences for the parties involved or just a good cost-effective and more human way of dealing with a problem between people without reaching for the rule books or rushing to the courts. A trained mediator can help identify how to find solutions. Again. decades of experience in negotiations, industrial relations and generally getting things sorted can provide useful advice for situations that can easily distract or even overwhelm leadership groups. We have a track record of sensitive and confidential work to find solutions to intractable problems - successfully.


Facilitation goes beyond just setting up meetings and discussions. Busy leaderships with multiple agendas can find it hard to see a path into the future that is best for the organisation as a whole. That strategic discussion needs marshalling and prompting and the occasional firm steer if your awayday or strategy day is to be productive. Our facilitation analysis can help in other ways too. If your board meetings and operations meetings keep getting bogged down in the same stuff, we can help break that log jam and find a better way of doing things. At its most basic, facilitation might come down to some informal analysis, coaching or advice to be offered in a key area or in response to a particular difficult situation. The little things matter too.

Facilitation, literally, making it easier for you and your organisation.